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Funny / Riley Rewind

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  • When Riley repeatedly asks the cutest boy in school out to prom, he keeps rejecting her. As she keeps rewinding and approaching different perspectives, she gets more and more irate until she ends up yelling "GO TO PROM WITH ME!"
  • Trevor's approach at asking Riley to prom—dressing up as a knight, kneeling, and giving her a rose.
    • "The lady has said, 'Sure, I guess!'"
  • None other than Ray himself portraying the gym teacher. "I want you running so fast the world spins backwards!"
  • "Yaaaay, smookiiing!"
  • This moment from Act 3.
    Riley: They call me Riley, the Life-Saver. They call me Riley, Time Traveler. They call me Riley, the Rewinder. Riley Rewind. Nah, that's stupid.

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