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Funny / Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen

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  • The interrogation scene. Blueblood literally just rambles about his family lineage until the thuggish, tough-as-nails Changeling soldier in the room with him breaks down and spills his intel, just to make the yammering Prince shut up. Bonus points for the Changeling's realization that he just gave his captors some valuable intel.
    • Luna ends up questioning an utterly terrified Changeling who's barely managing NOT to beg for her life. Her tactic? Praise Queen Chrysalis for her villainous cunning and audacity in attacking Canterlot, and generally act friendly. The Changeling is so confused—and relieved—she cheerfully gives up where Chrysalis' hive is located, believing Luna wants to negotiate an immediate peace treaty there.
      • Even better, there wasn't a realization moment for Luna's captive. She genuinely believed Luna's ruse all the way through.

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