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  • Puffy. You don't have to explain anything else. Just the thought of a giant ball opera singer...thing is funny enough.
  • There's a picture when you search up Nights of the title character pulling their cheeks apart in one of the strangest fashions ever. It can be seen on Giant Bomb's review.
  • Owl, Butt-Monkey much?
    • Sometimes it's so bad, even the little Nightopians tease him.
    • Like the time he got his head caught in a bubble ball and everyone laughed at him.
    Owl: I, I say! You must respect your elders!
    • In the cutscene when Owl introduces himself to Helen, if you watch closely at the point where NiGHTS speeds past, Owl's eyes widen in a most hysterical manner.
  • NiGHTS just loves idly floating through the air for no reason other than the fact that it looks cool when s/he does.
  • Waaay back from when Journey of Dreams was in the making, a few screenshots of Donbalon (a balloon-shaped clown) were released. Fans speculated that it was a lovechild of Puffy and Jackle. The affectionate fan nickname it was given? Phuckle.

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