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  • Most of Sally's posts and live streams are basically a drinking game of "how much can she get away without getting fired?", as she banks on the fact that her management doesn't know English. One of her blog entries include emoji spamming and a meme of her buying Hot Cheetos, aptly titled, "DOES_MANAGEMENT_KNOW_THE_CONTENT_OF_SALLY’S_ENGLISH_BLOGS???_I_MEAN_THEY_HAVE_TO_RIGHT?_THEY_CAN’T_JUST_LET_SALLY_ROAM_AROUND_FREE_LIKE_THAT?_WHO_KNOWS_WHAT_SHE’LL_DO!!!"
    I actually don't really have the lyrics to this song
    So now I'm gonna sing random words
    And hope the staff won't know
    What do I say?
    I really came without no plans at all
    But hear me out
    Just fake it 'til you make it, that's how I'm here
    I should know
    I feel like they don't know I'm here screwing up
    Declaring now
    Let's hope I can keep my job, I'm broke
    And other words that seem to fit in song
    I'm gonna be like, "La, la, la, la, la"
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  • Nina promoted a live stream for the viewers to vote for the best in 22/7. If you zoom into her photos on the post where Sally reveals the categories, you can see tiny writing that says, "Vote Sally" or "Obviously me, Sally."
  • Chiuaru walking in on Sally and Mizuha yelling at each other in English.
    Mizuha: I don't like "Mizzy"!
  • Sally wanted to win a signed poster of her group, so she entered her cousin's name into the lottery. She ended up winning.
  • In the first episode of the anime, Miu was holding a letter from G.I.Project while lying on her bed and said "This letter is mocking me." *cue a ticket drops from letter onto her face*
    • In all honesty, the whole concept of the girls and their actions as idols all being decided by some mystical wall is pretty funny to those who don't find the premise utterly stupid and nonsensical. All hail The Wall!!
  • Aoi Goda shook as he saw the mascot of The Wall the girls displayed it.
  • In Episode 5, how the girls imagined when The Wall gives order:
    Jun: Maybe I've gotten used to it.
    Reiko: It is taking its sweet time to come out.
    Akane: A difficult birth, perhaps.
  • Episode 7 has plenty of moments:
    • The GIP staffs questioned how nearly everyone got poisoned and one of the staff commented this was The Wall's Order given to them.
    • A running gag of Aoi Gouda carrying Jun to their next activity.
    • Aoi's pose carrying Jun's lunch looks rather unusual for a huge, muscular manager.
    • During the talk show:
      Host: Is your name Jun because you were born in June?
      Jun: Jun? Jun-June? *looking confused*
      • The next frame shows Aoi carrying Jun correcting her birthday.
        Aoi: You were born in May!
        Jun: Jun-June. *still confused*
    • Earlier in her past, Yuu said to Jun life must be treated like an Amusement Park; injections are like roller coaster and medications are like haunted house she must've gotten to use them. Then few moments later in present day...
  • In Episode 12, The Wall makes comment about the group's achievements as well as closely monitoring their activities since the group's formation. Ayaka's response is priceless:
    Ayaka: Is that so? Did you have fun, pervert?

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