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  • Any of their pre-debut pictures, but especially Ten's and Chenle's.


  • Their video-invitations for their shows:
    Yuta: Sawadee crap.
  • Johnny's birthday video in its entirety.
    Johnny: Dude, there's so much Korean today..
    • Ten's card:
      Ten: "I wanna have xxxx with you, fatass! Love you forever, darling ^^3^^3~"
      Johnny: I don't think we should read that...
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    • The following dialogue:
      Mark: Dude, this reminds me of the first time when we met.
      Johnny: I don't even remember the first time.
      Mark: Me neither, I just remember that it was awkward.
    • Yuta's card: (note, that it was the 9th of February)
      Mark: Dude, bromance.. It says "Happy New Year".. "Happy New Year"?!
      Johnny: It also says "Merry Christmas", too.
    • Mark's Contagious Laughter throughout the whole thing.
  • This video.
  • Ten not washing his hands before touching the chocolate and Johnny ranting about it.
  • Rookies Game Time, where Ten and Taeyong were chosen by Rock–Paper–Scissors to wear couple t-shirts and pretend to be lovers for a day. They called it being Best Friends.


  • Taeyong being really excited about all the cameras.
  • Baskin Robbins 31 Game: Cute Version.
    Johnny: "I hope this does not air."
  • Johnny's fashion evaluation.
  • Ten's high school teacher telling everyone he wasn't interested in girls.
  • Older members trying Thai pepper and failing miserably. Especially Taeyong.
    • Actually made worse because the the younger members handle them perfectly fine.
  • Taeyong just roll around buldozering people wanting to sleep and hitting camera with his butts.
  • Winwin taught NCT 127 members "easy" stretching routine in the morning.
  • Everyone not letting Doyoung or his Vroom Vroom talk show live.


  • NCT On Air, mostly thanks to Heechul.
    Taeyong (about Jaehyun): "Nice body and white skin, so sexy." 15:00.
  • Haechan noticed Jaehyun kissing Yuta's hand and quickly pointed it out for Mark. Mark doesn't want to know any of that. Jaehyun's sly smile. Yuta's nonchalance. Everything about it.
  • Haechan gives an entire portion of his daily summer holiday schedule to practice annoying Mark . Mark who learns this just accept his fate and incorporate "evading Haechan" in his schedule.
    • Detective Haechan (who was then Donghyuck) and Jisung put Marks multi-talented-ness to the test.
    • Basically every Haechan-Mark interaction
  • Bragging "in charge of visual and the main" Haechan in this video.
  • Ten's attempts to win the right to preform last on "Hit The Stage".
  • Taeyong with blonde braids and pink glasses hitting Taeil in white wigs with a hot dog, needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Some people think NCT 127 and NCT DREAM have twin brothers, when, in fact, it's Mark alone.
    • They are triplets if you remember to count NCT U.
  • The reason why Johnny calls Jaehyun "Jeffrey".
    Johnny: I also named him [Jaehyun] Jeffrey-
    Jaehyun: Yeah!
    Johnny: because-
    Jaehyun: My new name!
  • Jaehyun, Taeyong and Johnny trying to form a heart with their bodies.
  • Taeil and Winwin definitely had two of the best costumes at SM's Halloween party. Taeil as old as time...
  • Jokes about Lucas' obsession with NCT Dream are prevalent since he enjoys dancing to their songs and has been very vocal about wanting to join despite looking too mature for the group's concept. One quote from him that is constantly repeated by fans is, "Me dream hagoshipeo!" (I want to be in Dream!)

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