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  • Brady's comment about his clients when he visits Mrs. Rollins, a frequent computer abuser:
    She always wails. Many of his service calls do. Not just the women, either. Nothing can unman a topshelf executive more rapidly than the possibility that everything on his MacBook just went to data heaven.
  • Later, when Brady comes home late and finds out his mother left some lasagne for him in the stove, but then forgot all about it, causing the whole thing to burn to a crisp. Brady's comment as he inspects the pan it was in:
    Washing will not clean that pan; an hour of scouring and a whole box of Brillo pads will not clean that pan; an industrial laser probably wouldn't clean that pan. That pan is a gone goose.
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  • In the series, Hodges and Holly have an otherwise-serious discussion on religious philosophy that gives us this gem:
    Holly: That's bullshit. Or, I mean, if you'd prefer the Irish's fooked.

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