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Nightmare Fuel / Mr. Mercedes

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Since it's written by Stephen King, some horrific moments and imagery are to be expected.

  • The Mercedes Killer incident. He ran into a large crowd of jobseekers, who have been waiting for a job exhibition to open up, and killed 8 people, maiming and permanently crippling another 15 people in total. And among his victims was a young mother with a little baby. The poor mother died, when all she was trying to do was get a job to give her daughter a good future.
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  • Brady's gaslighting of Olivia Trelawney. He sends her a letter in which he plays up a (fake) tragic past, involving physical abuse and claims he has a low sense of self-esteem, blaming Mrs Trelawney's moment of inattentiveness as the reason for why he snapped and killed those people. Then he proceeds to start up online conversations with her on Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella, continuing to play his role, convincing Mrs Trelawney to stop taking her anti-depressants - saying that he took them himself, once, and realized they were keeping him, and her, caged. And then he also putzed around on her computer, from afar, to play a program every now and then of a baby crying and a mother screaming at Mrs Trelawney, to make her think that the ghosts of Brady's victims were following her. Ultimately, his plan to coax her into committing suicide succeeded.
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  • The death of Deborah Hartsfield, especially in the TV series. To whit, she unwittingly eats Brady's poisoned hamburger meat and dies choking, seizing, and vomiting blood in a manner grotesquely similar to the demise of Joffrey Baratheon.

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