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  • The parents go away on a trip, leaving Mr. Belvedere alone with the Bratty Sitcom Kids. After an episode of said BSKs all doing typical BSK things, Belvedere finally snaps:
    "Children, do you remember Mr. Belvedere? Good old, kind Mr. Belvedere, who cares about you, listens to you, helps you with your problems? You remember him?"
    (Kids all bemusedly say yes)
    "Well, he's gone away. And he's left me in charge!"
    • The dead-eyed serial-killer smile that actor Christopher Hewett flashes while saying that last line is what really what earns the scene a place here.
  • George constantly making fun of Miles' orthodontic gear shouldn't be funny but it is
    "He looks like the front grill of a DeSoto!"
  • The night after an editorial piece where he denounced Professional Wrestling as not a "real" sport, George is accosted by a pro-wrestler, who proceeds to take him to task for his words, in a very huffy, offended classically-trained actor kind of way:
    Wrestler: It takes real talent to do what I do! I get hit by a steel chair three times a night! How original can you make it look each time? I mean, there are only so many combinations.
    George: I'm... I'm sorry.
    Wrestler: ::frostily:: Well, I hope you are. ::saunters away::


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