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The majority of the show is absolutely filled with Funny Moments, which is why the show is so beloved. But here are some moments that stand out:

  • From "The Curse of Mr. Bean":
    • Mr. Bean at the pool. He tries sliding down a kiddie slide, but gets a whistle blown on him by a lifeguard, after which he makes a spectacular fool of himself scurrying back up. He then makes an even bigger fool of himself trying to jump off the high dive (to the mounting impatience of the two boys immediately behind him in the queue)... and tops himself still further when he loses his trunks upon landing in the water and a little girl scoops them out with a snorkel just as the lifeguard blows his whistle and orders everyone out of the pool. He succeeds in hiding from the lifeguards until they leave... but not from the ladies' swim team for whose benefit the lifeguards cleared the pool.
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    • Going to a horror movie with his girlfriend, bringing a big bucket of popcorn for himself and a tiny box for his date. He takes some out of hers, but when she tries to do the same he slaps her hand and yells "NO! These are mine!". As well as his general behaviour throughout the film.
  • "The Trouble with Mr. Bean" opens with Mr. Bean oversleeping for his 9am dentist's appointment, leaving himself just fifteen minutes to get dressed and drive to the dentist's surgery. So... he decides to do both at once.
    • First, he strips off his pyjama top and puts on his shirt, nearly running off the road while buttoning the cuffs. Then, he puts a brick on the accelerator, struggles out of his pyjama bottoms, and tries to put on his trousers, only to decide he'll only have enough room if he moves to the back seat. He proceeds to steer (and operate the turn indicator and horn) with his feet as he puts on his blazer and socks as well. He moves back into the front seat and sends the car full speed around a mini-roundabout while he puts on his tie and shoes.note 
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    • Now dressed, he takes the brick off the accelerator and steers with his teeth as he attempts to squirt some toothpaste on his toothbrush - only to miss and get it all over the dashboard, so he simply smears the brush in the paste, cleans his teeth while checking them in the wing mirror, rinses his mouth from the windscreen blower, and spits out of the window... right into a builder's backside. The builder, seeing the colour of the substance that hit him in the arse, assumes a bird has defecated on him, although he's clearly puzzled by the smell of mint.
    • Mr. Bean finally gets to the dentist's, and knocks the ever hapless Robin Reliant out of the only available parking spot in front of the surgery. A meter maid (played by a pre-Men Behaving Badly Caroline Quentin) walks past and writes a ticket for the Reliant, but not before looking at Mr. Bean's trousers in shock - his pyjama bottoms are still sticking through his fly. Mr. Bean pulls them out quickly, stuffs them through his car's open window, zips up his fly, and gives the meter maid an indignant look before sweeping off.
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    • Later, he has a picnic in the park, and is constantly bothered by an annoying wasp. Every time he apparently manages to silence it, it just starts back up again. Having the subtitles on for this part just makes it even funnier, because it constantly switches from "[Buzzing stops]" and "[Buzzing resumes]"... Over and over again. It gets to the point where you start wondering "No way are they gonna say the same thing again... it's been ten times now..." and then the subtitles say "[Buzzing resumes]" again for the eleventh time and you just LOSE it.
  • "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean": His method of repainting the room, with one of his guests caught in the blast. One of the funniest parts of this segment is when he's trying desperately to get out of the room before the paint can explodes while dramatic music plays in the background. When he succeeds in getting out, he covers his ears and the music instantly stops. It's like the music was playing in his head!
  • "Good Night, Mr. Bean"
    • Near the end when he attempts to count sheep. He couldn't figure out how many sheep were in the picture, so he uses a calculator. The instant he gets the number, he nods and instantly falls asleep.
    • He attempts to get himself to sleep by watching a chess game on TV. Shortly after the chess game cuts to a very loud ad (the Bodyform song here specifically), startling and waking up Mr. Bean.
    • In that same scene, he shoots the lightbulb with a gun just to simply turn it off. Notice that he's also got dozens and dozens of spare bulbs in the same cabinet, implying that this is what he does every night.
  • Mr. Bean's take on the Nativity.
    • And of course, "Have you got the turkey on?"
    • Mr Bean can't resist pulling on the beard of every street Santa he sees... until he runs into one with a real beard.
    • While buying Christmas lights, Bean wants to make sure they work, so he looks around the store for an outlet, and finds one already in use. When he unplugs it, it somehow shuts off ALL the exterior decorations on the street outside.
    • Just as he pays for his shopping in a department store, he is distracted by a huge nativity scene, and he plays with all the figures, bringing in Daleks, tanks, and a dinosaur. Finally he uses a helicopter to lift the Baby Jesus out of the manger, into a nearby dolls' house. He is puzzled by Ahem, and the sudden appearance of a toy policeman, held by the shopkeeper, who wordlessly hands him his shopping bag.
    • When Mr. Bean misses the last Christmas tree sold in a market, he tips a huge ornamental one (not for sale) on to his car, and drives home with it on his car roof, ripping out the power cable for the lights. When he gets home, he only uses a tiny piece of the enormous tree.
    • He cheats in a "guess the weight of the turkey" competition, standing on some scales while he holds the turkey, then using a calculator after he has put the turkey down.
  • Playing the one-note synthesizer harmony from the Chariots of Fire theme at the 2012 Olympics.
  • The entirety of "Mr. Bean in Room 426" is among the best ones made:
    • Locking himself out of his hotel room nude. Rowan Atkinson is a brave, brave man.
    • Mr. Bean discovers that his room for some reason doesn't include a bathroom, so what does he do? He saws through the wall to the room next door and uses the bathtub there.
    • He gets stuck on the stairs because of an old woman who slowly makes her way down. After getting increasingly impatient, Bean manages to climb around her by holding on to the bannister, and hoists himself up in triumph... only to discover that there's an old man in front of the woman, and he's now trapped between them. At this point, he just gives up and moves down the stairs at their glacial pace.
    • After being locked out, Bean tries to make his way down to the lobby, only to discover that the old woman is there again.
  • In "The Best Bits of Mr. Bean", Mr. Bean sees a spider's web and wants to show "Mr. Spider" to Teddy. Teddy refuses to look, so Bean forces Teddy to look, resulting in Teddy jumping out of Mr. Bean's hands and through the trap door of the attic they are in.
  • When Mr. Bean goes to church and tries to discreetly have a sweet. He drops it just as everyone stands for the hymns, during which Mr. Bean tries to pick up the sweet without drawing too much attention to himself. When he does, he starts cheering "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" at the same time as the other church goers.
  • After putting his hands on a device that produces static electricity, Mr Bean winds up absorbing all the static and finds that everything he touches sticks to his skin. When a woman in a long skirt takes a sheet from his hand, he inadvertently sends all the electricity into her, causing her skirt to fly up showing her panties.
  • Mr. Bean walks out of a changing room and realizes that he's switched trousers with someone else. He tracks the person down in the men's room, reaches under the cubicle door and wrenches his trousers off the poor man. He also tosses the man's underpants down the toilet.
  • Mr. Bean entering Teddy in a pet show at a village fete, especially when he aces the obedience tests.
  • "Hair By Mr. Bean in London":
    • How Mr. Bean made the boy look like an ape: first he used a bowl for a literal bowl cut, and then he shaved his head in the middle.
    • Bean cutting off a man's ponytail.
    • When everyone comes to complain to Derrick, including the mother protesting her son looked like an ape, and the aforementioned man saying he grew his hair nearly 25 years, when Mr. Bean chopped it off in less than two minutes.
  • The ending sketch in "The Return of Mr. Bean", where Mr. Bean is in a line up to meet the Queen of England. Right as she appears, he has trouble zipping up his pants, and struggles as she slowly approaches him. At one point, he sticks his index finger through the zipper, looking like he's sticking his dick out. He somehow manages to get zipped just in time... and in the process of bowing to the Queen, accidentally headbutts her.
  • "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean": Mr. Bean sticks the baby he acquired in a Postman Pat kiddie ride - he puts in a lot of coins so he doesn't have to keep coming back for a while - while he goes and has fun at the rest of the fair. By the time he comes back, a huge line for the kiddie ride has formed and the first in line chews him out for hogging the ride.


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