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  • Mr. Wonderful is... well wonderful. Ax-Crazy serial killer and self confessed psychopath, killing himself mid sentence, not realizing it - coming back and eating his own corpse and his running "my little [x]" gag.
    • He also apparently has nerves of steel or his nerves are deadened from his extremely masochistic tendencies. When Jim flatly refuses the deal being offered to him (Mr. Wonderful wants Jim to enter the Magic Resistance and take them down, in exchange for being freed from prison, which is exactly what Jim doesn't want; he's been spending the entire book thus far trying to die, and a nice forgotten dungeon at the bottom of a castle is a good enough substitute for death), Mr. Wonderful screams "WELL, TOUGH TITTIES!", chops off his left hand at the wrist, and then pokes around the now-profusely-bleeding stump. Even more darkly-hilarious is that he continues to try and force Jim to accept the deal right up until Mr. Wonderful starts slurring his words and then keels over dead from blood loss.
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  • OH GOD YOUR EYES HURRAAARARRRRGLAB!!! - no matter how badass the character.
  • You know it's gonna be good when the dedications read "To Blizzard Entertainment, for the 3 months of my life I will never get back.
  • Jim assessing his situation when he first returns to life. Even funnier in the audio book, where Yahtzee reads it in a deadpan, monotone voice.
    "Okay, I thought. I'm not going to panic. I'm going to take a deep breath—okay, I'm not going to take a deep breath, but I'm going to count to ten, and take stock, and stay calm. I died. Oh well. Could happen to anyone. Everyone, even. And now I've come back to life. So I can't exactly complain, can I? I'm in a coffin. That's where they put dead people. It makes sense. Ho hum. There's no air in here. La de dah. Who needs air? Not me, anymore, apparently. My body seems to have been wasting away for many years. Well I never."
    (loud rumbling) "And there's an earthquake going on. Fiddle de RAARGH LET ME OUT LET ME OUT--
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  • *Lord Dreadgrave's Undead Minion signed in at 04:14pm*: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! *breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAHH...
  • Jim being mistaken for a quest giver.
    "Is there a word for the opposite of a mugging?"
  • The first few chapters of the book make it abundantly clear that this is indeed a book by Yahtzee Croshaw; as a horde of undead enter labour negotiations with a necromancer, one of his minions suggests that he pay the horde with prostitutes. The idea is quickly nixed by all present.
  • When Jim, Meryl, and Thaddeus get imprisoned in Lolede city for quest fraud, Jim (Who quite likes it in his new cell) doesn't even attempt to break out. Problem is, he's given a way to escape by three sources. Hilarity Ensues as he tries to shrug them off, and stay in his cell, only to be forced to break out by the captors themselves.
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  • The CEO's memo announcing Simon's firing goes off on a weird multi-level analogy about the company being like a family which is like a lion pride, then ends up saying that unfortunately he'll have to metaphorically murder Simon's children.

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