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Fridge / Mogworld

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  • Given what we find out later about how the risen undead stay self aware even if reduced to a pile of ash, the corpses raised with Jim who couldn't get out of the crypt must have remained completely self aware and buried. But since later we find out that the population of the world is only 3 above what it should be (Jim, Meryl and Thaddeus), they must have been found and deleted.
    • Not necessarily. The software that said there were only 3 left also said there were only 33 total, despite the horde being hundreds strong.

  • According to Gus the developers never added a heaven in the digital world, and Gus's guess is that it was a dying hallucination. The problem is that Jim was conscious enough there to feel himself pulled out and back to his own body. Perhaps, as a sentient being who lived a more-or-less blameless life and died heroically, he was let into the real heaven...

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