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  • In "Mog and Bunny", Mog tries to give Bunny (her plushie) a drink from her dish, but he falls in and is described as "not being very good at drinking".
  • When Mog gets her splinter, she tries sniffing it to make the pain go away. When this obviously doesn't work, she thinks, "I've got three other paws. I'll just walk on them instead."
  • When an alligator-shaped balloon inadvertently ends up in Mog's mouth, she's described as having "accidentally eaten an alligator".
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  • When Mog sits on Mrs Thomas's hat, Debbie says, "I think you look better without a hat anyway."
  • When the tea ends up spilled on Tibbles, the narrator says, "Tibbles liked tea on the inside of him, not the outside".
  • In "Mog's Christmas", Mog mistakes Mr. Thomas carrying the Christmas tree for a walking, talking tree, and later when the tree's in its right place, she thinks that the tree has finally stopped walking and made itself all pretty.

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