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Tear Jerker / Mog

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  • From "Mog the Forgetful Cat":
    • Mr and Mrs Thomas saying, "Bother that cat!" to Mog. This leads to Mog sitting in the dark, thinking "dark thoughts" like "Nobody likes me."
    • Mr Thomas is described as being "very sad" when his flowers get squashed by Mog.
    • Mog's Nightmare Sequence about a tiger licking her hair leads to her "not saying anything because she was still crying from the bad dream". Add that to the fact that her parents were saying, "Bother, bother, bother that cat!" which probably made Debbie more sad, considering her relationship with Mog.
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  • Mog sulking in "Mog on Fox Night" after Mr Thomas says she doesn't deserve an egg.
  • In "Mog's Bad Thing", Mog is scared of the tent, thinks her "lavatory" is gone, and ends up peeing on Mr Thomas's chair and being called a "horrible cat".
  • In "Mog and the V-E-T", Mog is so sad from the pain from her splinter that she is too sad to eat or sleep.
  • In "Mog's Christmas", when they don't know where Mog is, the family is too sad to eat their Christmas dinner, even Debbie and Nicky's great-uncle (who's said to be the jolliest) and one of their great-aunts even cries. Thankfully, the book has a Happy Ending when Mog comes down the chimney.
  • The final book called "Goodbye Mog", where, as you might have guessed, she dies. It comes frighteningly to crossing the "What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?" line - and don't get us started on how the Thomas family took it.

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