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  • Trainor performed her new single "Me Too" live on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After a near-flawless performance despite dancing in six inch heels, Trainor lost her footing as the song ended after twirling on her heels and fell to the floor.
  • While her songs can sound unsavory to some, if we can look past that, the videos can provide some chuckles.
    • All About The Bass:
      • The thin model being a Butt-Monkey, being booted by a dancer, shown a hand, and during the photoshop montage, her "After" figure is made chubbier instead of what Photoshopping usually does. Also when one of the dancers twerks, said dancer stops until the model gropes her ass then she continues twerking.
      • Meghan literally making his Barbie boyfriend smile.
      • The three white-haired girls with Blinding Bangs. They mostly don't sing or appear much, but their distinct appearance in the Barbie-inspired video can be a bit funny, and then there's their wild dancing at the end.
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    • Dear Future Husband
      • The kitchen disaster, especially the flaming pizza.
      • The failing boyfriends: The first one makes a Michelin-class dish that is too tiny for her appetite, the second one tries to prove his strength in the fairground and fails, and the last one takes her boating and only makes her seasick.
    • Me Too
      • That giraffe outfit. Made even funnier as it's first shown during her line "Show me some respect".
  • As soon as news broke that she got married, several Youtubers wasted no time in asking if her husband had seen "Dear Future Husband" to prepare for her.

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