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  • Marvel Zombies #4: the simple image of zombified Luke Cage and Spider-Man playing go fish to pass the time.
  • In Marvel Zombies Return #4, Zombie Black Bolt saying "brains", and thus taking out half of Hulk's Warbound.
  • Almost every sentence that comes from Machine Man and Zombie Deadpool's mouths.
    Machine Man: Dude, you just staked the zombie version of yourself. You're going to be in therapy for the rest of your life.
    Deadpool: (to his zombie companion) Come on boy! Shamble! Shamble like the wind!
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  • Zombie Spider-Man asking Are We There Yet? as the rest of them trek through the universe.
  • Zombie Wolverine takes a full-strength slash at the Silver Surfer-leading to his unbreakable bones ripping through his now-rotting arm.
    Zombie Wolverine: "Crap."
  • Zombie Hawkeye's attempt at fighting Zombie Giant Man.
    Hawkeye: Eat arrow, fascist! (fires arrows into Giant Man's neck... who just looks at him, bemused) ... Be my friend?
  • Nextwave turn up in Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies, saving Ash & Dazzler from the zombified Power Pack, and immediately start fighting the superpowered-zombie-children... accompanied by the caption "Nextwave: About to be humiliatingly killed off-panel."
  • Zombie Spider-Man in Marvel Zombies Return smelling all the "jungle herbs" Kraven has eaten coursing through his veins, promptly causing him to lose control of his hunger again.
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  • Machine Man drowning his sorrows in beer after learning Jocasta had returned to Ultron.
  • In Marvel Zombies 3 #3, we find out Doctor Strange was recovered by Kingpin's men under a heap of cars and now able to only cast two spells. One lets him create windows to interdimensional crossroads with their world. The other? Causing manna to fall from the heavens.
  • Marvel Zombies 5 #3 is an extended riff on Army of Darkness, and has the guys in charge talking about how the zombies have interrupted their campaign against the pagans. At the end, with that matter settled, the leaders discuss their plans to resume the campaign... only to discover that the Mighty Thor has finally gotten around to answering the pagans's prayers, and he's not in a good mood.
  • Even Marvel Zombies #1 has a funny moment. The zombies have finished eating Magneto and are just...sitting around. Amusing. Then Spidey angsts about his new existence, prompting Luke Cage to groan "Here we go again...". Funny. Then Bruce Banner feels his stomach about to burst, and begs someone to hit him so he turns into the Hulk first. Zombie Thor causally leans over and smacks him in the face with his makeshift Mjolinir (a pipe sticking out of a chunk of cinderblock) with absolutely no change in expression, like its routine for him. HILARIOUS.


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