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Funny / Marvel Versus DC

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  • Aquaman to Namor, after the former drops on orca on top of the latter: "That's your weakness, Namor. You're too noble to cheat."
  • Wolverine and Gambit stealing the Batmobile. Looks like Batman's not all that Crazy-Prepared after all...
    Nightwing: Man, I told you to buy The Clubnote , but nooo...
  • Spider-Man, as Peter Parkernote , asking Lois Lane out. She politely declines, and then:
    Lois: I'm engaged.
    Clark Kent (shows up behind Peter, who's about half Clark's size): To me.
    Peter: Oh man, I didn't know. I'm sorry. Jeez, you could squash me like a bug, Clark.
    • After he leaves:
    Lois: Boy, he sure disappeared fast once you showed up.
    Clark: Peter's a nice kid, Lois. He just didn't know you and I... (Jameson bursts in)