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  • During "Comedy Central's Roast of Donald Trump", Gilbert Gottfried filled in as Matlin's interpreter, after her initial one bolted. Gottfried then proceeded to translate Matlin's insults in his usual loud-mouthed delivery. He spoke so loud that Matlin felt the need to cover her ears. Keep in mind, Matlin is deaf.note 
    • Marlee's "signs" that represented the various roasters. Highlights include Snoop Dogg (smoking a joint, natch), The Situation (miming pulling up her shirt and slapping the "loser" sign on her forehead with a goofy expression), Whitney Cummings and Lisa Lampinelli (both miming fellatio), and Anthony Jeselnik (who simply got a "...Whatever").
    • After her set concluded, Marlee (who mostly uses sign language to communicate) turned to Trump and said, out loud: "Now, please stop staring at my tits." The audience lost it.

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