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Carole Lombard was known as a legendary actress that played a big factor in comedies featuring women, but she also had funny moments outside of acting.

  • According to a Hollywood anecdote book, Carole was once stranded and managed to be picked up by a truck. After talking for a bit, the driver told her that she looked like that Carole Lombard from the films. Carole replied, "Don't you dare compare me to that hussy!"
  • In a fight about politics with Robert Montgomery during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith, Carole covered his car in FDR voting stickers when he wasn't looking. And that's not including when she brought cattle onto the set!
    • Also, when she directed Alfred Hitchcock's cameo.
  • When she imitated a sheepdog for a photo.
  • Her many practical jokes that haven't been mentioned already:
    • Carole briefly took over as David O. Selznick's secretary in 1938. Here's a short piece about her time there when gossip columnist Ted Magee visited the office.
    • There's said to be a story that she bugged the ladies' toilets at a party in her home and broadcasted any cattiness to the rest of the house for the rest of the guests to enjoy.
      • At another dinner party she had, she made the guests eat out of bedpans.
    • Using Counterfeit Cash with her face on it at a dinner party.
    • Clark Gable's embarrassment about starring in his biggest flop Parnell (a biopic about Charles Stewart Parnell) was apparently the topic of much of Carole's teasing. She wanted to hire a plane with a tape on the end saying "REMEMBER PARNELL" to fly over Hollywood, but it was expensive, so she hired members of studio camera crew to hand out leaflets.
      • In fact, a few of her cheekiest moments seemed to be at Clark's expense. She apparently didn't mind talking about previous lovers (or even comparing them to him) within earshot of their friends, and numerous examples have appeared in biographies. Although they were Happily Married, she didn't have anything flattering to say about her husband's skills.
      • Clark got his own back, apparently. When he used to go camping, he would only take a few toiletries and cutlery, enough to fit in his pockets or carry in a small bag, but when he first went with Carole, she brought enough things to fill a wagon. In the morning, Carole discovered a sign on the wagon that said "LOMBARD CAMPING VANS, INC."
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    • During the filming of Supernatural, she decided to leave her creepy makeup on to scare her friends.
    • A common story told in Carole's biographies is that Fredric March was harassing her during the making of Nothing Sacred (he was apparently known by everyone he worked with as a womaniser) so Carole planned her revenge. When he tried to hold her, he got a shock — Carole was wearing a dildo under her clothes! He never bothered her that way again.
    • David Niven wrote in his autobiography that after having a final dinner at Carole and Clark's house (before he was drafted into the British Army), Carole gave him a stocking for a good luck charm.
  • This photo from the set of Fools of Scandal.
  • Promotional shots with Fred MacMurray. It's almost impossible to find a serious photo.
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  • This tidbit from a gossip magazine.
  • Carole had a white-themed dress code party: female guests had to wear white gowns and the men had to wear white-ties. Norma Shearer arrived in a red dress. Carole was apparently so mad, Clark Gable had to calm her down, but she later exchanged her anger with Lupe Velez in the toilets, both through lots of swearing.
  • Any of her surviving bloopers, mostly from My Man Godfrey. They're available to see on YouTube in all her swearing glory.
  • According to Sidney Salkow, a dialogue director for Supernatural, Carole didn't enjoy her time working for director Victor Halperin and vowed revenge. Days later, a violent earthquake shook California note  and when it was over, Carole confronted Halperin to the effect of, "See, Victor? That was only a warning!"
  • There are enough photos of her gurning and making funny faces for a Tumblr user to make an amusing collage.
  • In the early days of their affair, Carole and Clark were duck hunting in a foggy field. They waited for a while but nothing. Then Carole suggested another way to pass the time. They didn't get any ducks, Clark later admitted to friends years after Carole's death, but it wasn't very comfortable.


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