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  • The customizable clothing allows for some funny moments. You can go on a date in your pajamas (and get complimented on your looks) or walk around town in your underwear with no one batting an eye.
  • Lots of the MC's snarky responses.
    Amelia: And what about your responsibilities here? You can't just abandon them.
    >Don't worry, I've got backup.
    >If I could stay, I would.
    >Amelia, I'm abandoning you.
  • Seeking advice from Melanie after the near-deadly encounters with Anastasia.
    Melanie: But is this what you need wisdom on? Because all the wisdom I have on this subject is swearing rapidly and loudly.
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  • The MC keeps forgetting to give Amelia the book she ordered, or other things keep getting in the way. You get an angry letter from her in your in-game inbox when she drops by the bookstore only to find that you're out of town, and another when she finds out you've left the country.
  • Joke-flirting with Melanie:
    MC: You're the moon to my tide, the antacid to my hot wings, the sock to my other sock...
  • When the MC is telling Anastasia about Melanie's confession and Melanie enters the room, Anastasia takes that moment to silently escape out the window.
  • Returning to Salem starts out with a cafe scene using the same background as the cafe in Werbury. The protagonist questions why it looks the same, and the others look at her surprised and inform her that it's a chain. Especially funny if your companions are lives-under-a-rock Anastasia and Rhys or Niklas, who aren't even from the U.S.
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  • In one of Anastasia's special stories, the MC sings a song and Anastasia can ask what band that was; when told the answer she says she'd never heard of them, causing the MC to gawk at her.
    MC: Oh my God, what kind of lesbian are you?
  • In Anastasia's Christmas story, she's puzzled by the concept of a family being excited about a stranger (Santa) breaking into their home.
    Anastasia: Hunters don't celebrate Christmas. I'm beginning to see why. It encourages lax house security.
    • After she hops down from the ladder where she's reading:
    Ken: You do like heights, don't you?
    Anastasia: [blushing] It gives me a better vantage point. Because. Um. I like to see what's going on. Because.
    She looked at me helplessly.
    MC: Anastasia just likes to stay on top of things. Ha!
  • In Niklas' Christmas story, you can troll him by telling him that the newest guest has to sing.
  • In each Christmas story, the MC gives her love interest a tree ornament. Melanie's is "a chubby Santa with sunglasses, leaning out the window of a helicopter with a reindeer riding shotgun."
    Alix: Joining the classics, 'Santa on a sailboat,' 'Santa on a train,' 'Santa on a unicycle'…

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