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  • The Tres Spades penthouse crew are unused to seeing Soryu take any kind of interest in women, so they watch the development of his relationship with the protagonist closely and with gleeful fascination. When, in his epilogue, they discover that he has yet to take her on a proper date, they all but gang up on him to insist that he rectify the lack immediately - and the day after the first date has occurred, they sit the protagonist and a mortified Soryu down to grill them both eagerly for all the details, like nothing so much as a bunch of gossipy schoolgirls.
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  • In Soryu's sequel, the protagonist ends up at a shooting range, and while they're there Soryu offers her the opportunity to fire a gun herself. She's incredibly nervous about it, and Soryu's warnings about things like what the recoil could do to her if she doesn't keep a proper grip on the firearm don't help - and then she pulls the trigger, and a "Bang!" flag pops out. Such a cartoonishly silly gag enacted by Soryu and his crew of tough guys, of all people, comes from so far out of left field that it's an absolute killer.
  • Baba's first epilogue. The protagonist is worried about Baba's womanizing ways, and the guys decide to help make sure she's the only thing on his mind. Their "help" comes in the form of a sexy cop outfit.
    Protagonist: There's not a chance in hell I'm wearing that!
    Ota: Why not? You always wear a maid's uniform.
    Protagonist: Because that's my job, Ota! I work here! As a maid!
    • Operation: Seduce Baba is a resounding success, however. Baba is thrilled with the outfit and runs off to get a pair of handcuffs to complete the ensemble.

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