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  • Near the beginning, Lavona is chastised by another skater's mother for using foul language in front of the children. Her response? "I didn't swear! (under breath) You cunt."
  • It's blatantly obvious from the first line one of Eckardt's guys (the getaway driver) says to another (the one who hits Kerrigan's knee) that they're some of the dumbest crooks you will ever see:
    Driver: Remember: if your mind is blank, no one can pick up your vibes. Also, they can't identify you if they don't see your eyes. context  Go!
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  • Also this line from the Hard Copy reporter after the hit:
    I mean, we had no idea that a plan like this could be carried out by two of the biggest boobs in a story populated solely by boobs!
  • Shawn Eckardt's repeated insistence that he is an Intelligence expert despite the fact that his background as such has been utterly debunked by the media.
    • After claiming to be "four steps ahead of everyone", Shawn muses that he needs to come up with a plan to get his team out of Detroit (after they already carried out the "hit) and repeats "see four steps ahead of everyone." The way he compliments himself for even thinking that he would need an escape plan when anyone with even a moderate amount of skills at planning would have at least come up with something well in advance is freaking hilarious.
  • Going along with this, how seriously Shawn (and to a lesser extent Jeff) takes "the hit" can also be extremely funny. Case in point, during one argument with Jeff, Jeff angrily dismisses him, telling Tonya that the plan is off. Her response?
    Tonya: (In the most casual manner possible) Whatever.
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  • Lavona's response to finding out about The Incident?
    Fucking Mustache!
  • During a montage of Tonya and Jeff's relationship, Tonya pulls a shotgun on Jeff and fires at him.
    Tonya: *Pumps shotgun* That never happened!
  • Apparently the real Tonya went to Margot Robbie at a screening and said that she never told the judges to "suck my dick", but that she totally would have if she'd thought of it.
  • Allison Janney jokingly opening her Oscar acceptance speech with "I did it all by myself!"
  • When it was discussed that the media blew the Tonya and Nancy ordeal out of proportion, we then see an odd cutaway that has the former beating the latter to a pulp herself with a club in a darkened hallway as she is screaming and Tonya stares back at the camera with a crazed look in her eye and a psychotic smirk on her blood-covered face.

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