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You Lost?

  • In the opening, Paula lets Bella know about the stuff Ricky has been accused of: Stealing, Spitting, Kicking stuff, Burning stuff, Loitering, Graffiti, etc. What makes it funny is that it cuts to Ricky doing all the above.
  • Ricky attempting to shoot a small bird. Unfortunately he slips and misses it.
    • Made even funnier when it cuts to him holding up random leaves and passing it off as a salad to Hec.
  • Ricky dancing to his "Walkman", which is basically a rock. Hec's reaction is priceless.
    Ricky: Hey Uncle! Wanna listen to my Walkman?
    Hec (weirded out): No.
  • The scene where Ricky burns his fake body is somewhat a tearjerker, but then Ricky realises that the entire barn is burning down and bolts for the hills.
    • He then looks back....and sees the barn crashing down.
  • The Minister's eulogy at Bella's funeral.
    Minister: "You know, sometimes in life it seems like there's no way out. Like a sheep trapped in a maze designed by wolves. And you know that if you're ever in that situation, there are always two doors to choose from. And through the first door — oh, it's easy to get through that door and on the other side waiting for you are all the nummiest treats you can imagine. Fanta, Doritos, L&P, burger rings, coke zero. But you know what? There's also another door. Not the burger ring door, not the Fanta door. Another door that's harder to get through. Guess what's on the other side? Anyone want to take a guess?"
    • Ricky's "guess" makes it even funnier.
  • As seen in the image above, after Rick runs out of food, he first sees his dog as a pavlova. Then he turns to his side and sees......a talking burger....which turns out to be Hec.
    Hec: You lost?
  • Ricky finding out that Hec can't read. He ends up thinking that he's been raised by wolves and imitates a caveman to mock him. Eventually, Hec lunges at him....and gets his foot stuck, causing him to fall on his face and break his foot. Doubles as Black Comedy.

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