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Homeland may be a serious, gritty drama, but even they have their comedic moments.

Season One

  • From "Blind Spot," during the interrogation of an Islamic terrorist:
    Saul: So, you're a religious man and a torturer...what are you, Catholic?
  • Also from "Blind Spot," when a CIA crypto analyst gets results:
    Crypto Guy: I'd say you owe me dinner, Carrie...possibly even sex.
    Carrie: Holy fuck.
    Crypto Guy: Well, I wouldn't go that far.
  • From "Representative Brody", when Saul and Carrie interrogate the Saudi diplomat:
    Carrie: What's in Geneva?
    Al Sahrani: Cuckoo clocks!
    • When Carrie presents proof of Al Sahrani's homosexuality in a bid to blackmail him, Al Sahrani responds by saying:
    Al Sahrani: I suck cock! And I love it! Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy!
  • This exchange.
    Aileen Morgan: My dad thought Elvis was the devil.
    Saul: [FBI director J. Edgar] Hoover thought he was a national security threat.
  • Brody catching up with the times after his long captivity : "Oh, it was this video called Youtube... have you seen it?"
  • Although it's a fairly serious scene, Brody gets a good one liner in on Carrie.
    Carrie: You're a Muslim?!
    Brody: You live in despair for eight years you might turn to religion too...and the King James Bible was not available.
  • A congressman involved in a sex scandal being named Dick Johnson, in an obvious nod to Anthony Weiner.

Season Two

  • One of Dana's schoolmates defusing a tense moment.
    Well, what if I told you my dad is undersecretary of state?
    Dana: Yeah, well, what if I told you my dad's a Muslim?
    Right, and mine's a Scientologist. (general laughs)
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  • Dana gets home just when Brody and Jessica are about to do it in the kitchen.
  • Dana implying to Walden Sr. he got through his academic years thanks to the "gentleman's C".
  • Brody and Carrie are having sex again, and we cut to a camera in a window. At first it seems sinister.... then it turns out that it's her team, including Peter and Saul, listening to the entire thing. The entire thing is just so awkward it's hilarious.
    • Even funnier: when Saul insists she's just working her asset, Quinn, understandably pissed off, jacks up the volume before Saul.
  • Max taking offense to Quinn's nickname : "I'm not mute."
  • The best Saul-versus-polygraph moment in the penultimate episode of Season 2:
    Polygraph Guy: Is your name Saul Berenson?
    Saul: Yes.
    Polygraph Guy: Are you sometimes called "The Bear"?
  • Quinn shamelessly changing clothes in front of Carrie gives us this, which works on multiple levels:
    Quinn: Like you've never seen a dick before.

Season Three

  • Jessica Brody has just brought Dana home:
    Dana: I see the babysitters are still here.
    Jessica: Just ignore them.
    *Dana waves to the FBI agents*
    Jessica: I mean ignore them more than that.
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  • A very brief moment when Max, the resident dork, hails Fara, the attractive new girl, and she just replies with an awkward nod, as in saying "yeah, whatever."
  • At one point, Saul and Dar take Senator Lockhart into a conference room, apparently to let him blow Saul's delicate operation by calling the President. Then Lockhart suddenly realizes that they've locked him inside and that the phone doesn't work. When he tried to protest, Saul simply activates the privacy screen...all with a hilarious smug look.
    Lockhart: Open the door.
    Saul: [Matter-of-factly] No.
    Lockhart Open the goddamn door.
    Saul: Make me.


  • In a recent interview the actor who played Abu Nazir described an incident where he was going through customs at an airport and the customs officers asked him his profession. When he said he was an actor and they asked him if they had seen him in anything, he told them he played the world's most wanted terrorist. The guard was a Homeland fan and told his co-workers "Hey, It's Abu Nazir!"
  • This SNL parody.
  • Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report complaining the show is unrealistic... because the characters always have cell phone coverage and never need to recharge their phones.