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  • In the pilot episode, a suspect breaks loose and starts wreaking havoc in the station. Tough guy undercover cop Mick Belker jumps on the guy and wrestles him to the ground, all the while growling and barking at the man. Captain Furillo runs in and yells, "No biting! No biting!" As Belker pulls the guy, now back in handcuffs, to his feet, he looks at Furillo, shakes his head, and mutters to himself, "You bite off one nose...!"
    • Same scene: Lucy Bates tries to calm the suspect down and turns away to tell whomever is copping a feel to cut it out.
  • One morning, Lt. Ray Calletano arrives at the precinct wearing a Dodgy Toupee, thinking it makes him look younger. He proudly relates this to Capt. Furillo, who tries in vain to keep a straight face. Later, some gang members start a fight, and Calletano helps to break it up, resulting in his toupee halfway ripped off and sticking straight up in the air.
    Calletano: (unaware) What?? What are you all laughing at??
    Gang Member: Hey man, better put the top down, it looks like rain!

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