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  • At the end of Episode 2, the scene in Chang-Soo's car with a drunk Ji-Yi passing from tears to laughters in seconds and accidentally ripping his shirt off is hilarious. It's his clearly clueless reaction, as well as Yoon-Ha's both overprotective and oblivious actions that really sell it.
  • In Episode 3, when Jin-Yi refuses to spend time with Chang-Soo, his totally dumbfound expression is priceless.
    Chang-Soo: Did I just get rejected?
    • Then later in the same episode:
    Chang-Soo: Did I just get rejected again? She's an expert.
  • In Episode 4, at the end of the scene with Won-Sik's mistress and her housekeeper in a high class boutique, when Min-Sook finally calls her employer "Miss" as request and a saleslady answers, believing she was the one being talk to, both their horrified expressions are just hilarious.

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