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  • The reason Blank got a price on his head.
    Martin Blank: Jesus Christ! Yeah, I was out there tryin' to whack these three junk bond fuckos and these idiots were flushing game with sticks of dynamite! And the dog that they borrowed, little Boudreaux, was a retriever, get it? Boudreaux was never a target, Boudreaux was acting on instinct. I would never hurt an animal, and I'm offended at the accusation...
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  • Strange Minds Think Alike:
    Martin Blank: It's either because I'm in love with your daughter or I have a newfound respect for life.
    Grocer: That punk is either in love with that guy's daughter or he has a newfound respect for life.
  • Marcella "taking down the office" by covering the furniture and the floors with gasoline while smoking a cigarette, as well as smashing the side of the computer with a mallet.
  • Dr. Oatman responding to Martin's last call by smashing the shit out of his answering machine in front of a client.
  • "You can't go home again, Oatman [as his former house is now an Ulti-mart], but I guess you can shop there..."
  • Marcella's verdict on her own high school reunion:
    Marcella: It was just as if everyone had swelled.
  • The distant singing when Martin's nemesis enters the house.
    Grocer: (singing) I'll be comin' 'round the mountain when I come... I'll be comin' 'round the mountain when I come... I'll be blowin' your fuckin' head off... I'll be blowin' your fuckin' head off... I'll be whackin' your fuckin' mind out when I coooome. Popcorn!
    Grocer: ...You're breaking my heart down here, Blank! I can't aim through the tears! (barks) BOUDREAUX'S COMIN' FOR YA!
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  • Grocer threatening to blow Martin's brains out and then fuck the brain hole in a moment that perfectly summarizes just how delightfully unhinged Grocer really is.
  • "Hey, Jenny Slater. Hey, Jenny Slater. Hey, Jenny Slater."
  • "Popcorn!" (Blank smashes Grocer over the head with a TV set)
  • Debi shooting blindly at Martin from the tub before she realizes it's him, and Martin proposing.
    • Made even better with the final lines of the scene:
    Martin: I want you to think about this, and you don't have to answer it now. But Debi, will you marry me?
    [Debi has a shocked look on her face from the proposal. Bart, her father, pops up from behind her in the tub.]
    Bart: You got my blessing.

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