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  • The fact that excessively crossed-over song "FLOWER" is in this game. How was this achieved in spite of the song being natively unfit for a band simulation game? A one-to-one rock remix.
    • "Evans", known for its status as a boss song in jubeat, got the same treatment.
  • "Thank You For Playing", the five-second game over jingle, is a playable track in the console version of V3. In less the time it takes you to read the previous sentence, you can play the entire chart.
  • The background video to "VANESSA -tenseihen-". It plays out like the original "VANESSA"'s video at first, but near the end, the portrait's eyes twitch, and then he gains a pair of drumsticks and a GuitarFreaks controller and his face changes to sport some Glam Rock makeup.

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