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  • No Export for You: Subverted: the first GF got a U.S. release. GF/DM V4 got a location test at Brunswick Zone Naperville, but was never released. The U.S. locations of the Japanese bowling/arcade chain Round 1 have, as with other Bemani franchises, have been subverting the trope with official imports for its locations. Much like other Bemani franchises, importers get screwed over by e-Amusement on newer versions, preventing access to most unlocks.
    • A more plausible explanation for the lack of U.S. releases of GF/DM may actually have to do with patents: despite its only similarities being the fact that it is an arcade game with a drumset, some have said that patents related to the "game" MTV Drumscape (which in reality, is more like a jukebox with a drumset rather than an actual game) were broad enough to make Drummania an infringing product, despite Konami holding several rhythm game patents in the U.S. already (primarily related to Dance Dance Revolution). Activision just so happened to acquire these patents from the inventor of Drumscape after they hired him to be a consultant on Guitar Hero World Tour.
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  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: GITADORA
  • What Could Have Been: GF 3rd Mix looks like it may have been intended to be released internationally, or at least in the West. There are unused translations for several languages, not to mention it was the first GF to feature licensed songs, and in this case they were all classic rock songs.

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