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Funny / Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

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  • Earl Adock Sr. leaving his wife Vesta and son in the 1940s, after he feels that he has done his manly duty of raising his son to adulthood, despite his wife treating him like a child (which included constantly yelling at him) and not even the favorite one, coming after his own son. He leaves, having written a doozy of a farewell letter—especially the post script:
    PS: I am not deaf.
  • Two younger women steal a parking spot Evelyn had been waiting for and mock her when she protests, crowing, "Face it, lady— we're younger and faster". In revenge, Evelyn backs up her husband's bigger car into theirs about six times.
    Woman: "Look what you did! Are you crazy?"
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  • The detective assigned to investigate Frank Bennet's disappearance tells Sipsey that Big George's barbecue is "the best damn barbecue I ever ate". Sipsey cryptically remarks that "The secret's in the sauce", keeping it secret that the meat he'd had eaten included Frank Bennet's dead, chopped up body.
  • Grady warns Idgie that some folks in town think it's not right for Idgie to serve black customers through the back door of the café. Idgie eventually agrees that he's right; that isn't fair. The following day, she hangs on the back door a discounted menu, with all items a nickel or dime less than the usual price, since her black customers don't get to come inside and sit down.
  • Idgie teaches young Stump to tell a fishing story that ends with "...and it was this big!" while spreading his singular arm, leaving listeners baffled as to how big the fish actually was. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when we find out he's still doing this to his teenage daughter's dates thirty years later.
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  • Overall, the trial for Frank Bennett's murder is hilarious, despite being also very tense. Especially with Idgie repeatedly having good comebacks to the pompous lawyer.
    Lawyer: "Is it not true that you also came to Georgia with your colored man in September of nineteen twenty-eight and left, taking Frank Bennet's wife and child with you?"
    Idgie: "Just his wife, the child came later.
    Lawyer: "How much later?"
    Idgie: (looking at him as if it were obvious) "The usual-- nine months."

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