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  • Urkonn trying to explain demons, dimensions, etc. to Fray.
    Fray: What's a—
    Urkonn: They left! All right?
  • Dexterity training.
    Fray: So, what's first?
    Urkonn: (hefting a girder) Dexterity. I throw things at you. You avoid them.
    Fray: You're not a real complicated person, are you? Let's do it.
    20 seconds later
    Fray: (lying on the floor) You hib me wib a girder!
    Urkonn: (kneeling over her) How many claws am I holding up?
    Fray: You hib me ib the face wib a whole girder!
    Urkonn: You were meant to duck.
    Fray: Can we skib degsteriby?
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  • And Fray finding out that her watcher lit himself on fire in front of her.
    Fray: But he set himself on fire!
    Urkonn: Centuries of useless, obsessive waiting. Makes a human-
    Fray: He set himself on fire!
    Urkonn: Maybe he was cold.
  • Urkonn meets Loo:
    (Loo looks up at Urkonn, Fray's hand on her shoulder.)
    Urkonn: Hello.
    Loo: Do you have candy?
    Urkonn: No.
  • When Icarus leaves to give the amulet that Mel stole to Harth, one of his minions asks if he's going to finish his 'meal' - a blonde woman that he unceremoniously drops on the ground when they show up.

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