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Funny / Erik the Viking

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  • When Erik, convinced he's wearing a cloak that's made him invisible (of course it only works on the father of the girl he'd just slept with), essentially starts prancing around in front of a bunch of big tough guys wearing a towel on his head.
    Erik: (lefts the cloak off, then back on again) Now you see me, now you don't!
    Halfdan: (looks to his men bewildered) What?
  • As they're about to sail away, Erik places all his companions on their Drakkar according to their affinities... And ends up with all the heavyweights on one side and all the lightweights on the other, imbalancing the whole ship. So he reorganizes them... And now, he has all the bearded ones on one side and all the beardless ones on the other. He basically says "oh, screw this" before having the Drakkar launched.
    Snorri: Now you got all the ones with beards on one side and the ones with mustaches on the other.
    Erik: That doesn't matter!
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  • The priest walking through the walls in Valhalla.

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