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Awesome / Erik the Viking

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  • The old woman who stands up to the Vikings torturing the young girl they'd captured during the raid earlier. Sure she got punched out for it, but she got right back up and slapped them around with a kitchen utensil.
  • Erik and Sven defeat the Dragon of the North Wind with a combination of cunning tactics, dogged determination, and stuffing the beast's nose with pillow feathers until it sneezes.
  • Sure Erik's foolhardiness when attacking Halfdan the Black and his crew convinced he's invisible is essentially funny. But the fact that he not only beats most of them on his own (due mostly to them all being shocked by his audacity). But he manages to inspire the rest of the Vikings to fight back as well. Turning the tide of a seemingly hopeless fight.
    Halfdan: What's the matter, haven't you seen anybody fight before?
    Crewman: No! They're usually too scared of us.
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  • The heroes are doomed... they are about to die... NO ONE CAN SAVE THEM NOW. And then... a noise is heard, it's the magical horn that can teleport the one who uses it and any others they wish anywhere they want.
    Harald: ...I want to go home.

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