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Funny / Elfen Lied Children Of Destruction

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  • Chapter 2, Kouta can't help but crack a laugh at Gohan's name meaning cooked rice. Gohan, in his mind, replies: "My father named me as some kind of food? ARGH! That's so like him! And here I thought I was named after his deceased grandpa. Well… I was… but still!"
  • While Oniari is a horribly sadistic asshole, it doesn't stop him from have a rare comedic moment. One such moment is in Chapter 13. Gohan had just witnessed that Nana burned his dinner, Oniari's reply? "KILL HER, SLAUGHTER THAT BITCH!!!" No one messes with a Saiyan's food, indeed!
    • Similarly, we had him and Gohan discussing Nana, and Oniari says he sure she's not an alien, his reasoning being "Only an earthling would look that retarded." The best part is that Gohan admits he's right.

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