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  • In the war between Mario and Sonic, EGM voted Bubsy. Not that they're proud of it now, but...
  • The team was so awestruck by the very concept of Turok: Evolution villain, Tobias Bruckner (a tyrannosaurs-riding, southern gentleman, racist cyborg), that they immortalized him with their yearly awards for the the worst in the video game industry.
  • From the EGM Game Over Podcast for the week ended November 10 in 2013, Eric L. Patterson and Josh Harmon decide to end the podcast by subjecting their co-workers to a subreddit dedicated to My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic porn art on-air. Ray Carsillo rapidly loses all faith in humanity while Josh slowly goes on due to Bile Fascination and to annoy Ray.
    Josh Harmon: (disgusted) Ugh... Oh this is getting worse! (Normal speaking tone) Ray, thoughts?
    (a few minutes and LOTS of censor bleeps later)
    Josh: She's stylish. She's a DJ. (beat) OH THAT'S NOT WHERE THE MICROPHONE GOES, DJ!
    Ray: Can we go watch Thor now?
    Josh: When people say "get on the mic" that is NOT what they mean, DJ Horse Lady.
    Ray: Okay, I think we've all seen enough to last ourselves a lifetime. Eric, please close out the podcast.
    Josh: ... Tentacles?
    Andrew Fitch laughs as Ray groans
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  • From another podcast, Josh cannot pronounce the name from a reader mail, so he settles on naming the viewer "Totes Magoats".
    Josh: Totes says-
    Chris: Will you stop calling him Totes. You're probably going to scare him off from the rest of the podcast.


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