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  • Twice in its history, EGM was faced with a major advertiser threatening to pull ads from the magazine for less-than-favorable reviews: Acclaim pulled the threat over a scathing review of Total Recall for the NES, while Capcom did the same for a less-than-stellar review of Super Street Fighter II for the SNES. Both times, EGM told the threatening party essentially the same thing: "You can pull your ads, but you can't buy a good review from us." Despite pulling ads for a brief time, both companies eventually ran ads in the magazine after the controversies died down.
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  • The Ermac April Fool's joke and the infamous Sheng Long April Fool's joke became canon. A decade later, so did their Sonic the Hedgehog joke.
  • The magazine was uncanceled months after being canceled in the first place.
  • When the game GT Advance Championship Racing was sent in for review, the magazine praised it, rating it 9, 9 and 8.5, and awarding it a Silver Award. However, right before release, THQ ended up removing the save battery feature and replaced it with a much-maligned password system; When EGM got word, in a following issue they rescored the game (8.5, 8 and 7 respectively) and ended up revoking the Silver Award, possibly the first time in the magazine's history such was done.


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