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Funny / Ecco the Dolphin

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Even though the games are solemn, freaky affairs, they do have their moments...

  • Try persistently failing the Stalking Mission in Four Islands some time.
    "Let's be faster."
    "Are you really Ecco the dolphin? Let's try again."
    "So many times... I forget how many times..."
  • The Clan grunts in Defender occasionally show some Deadpan Snarker tendencies.
    "First they tell us to turn itnote  off. Then they tell us to turn it on. They should make up their minds!"
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  • Requires some guts on the part of the player, but try making the great white shark angry and then tail-walking around the surface in Defender. He'll just swim around in circles, unable to grab you (well, most of the time - occasionally he'll get lucky).
  • The tubes in the Hanging Waters levels can be used, in some spots, to launch Ecco into the mountainside at high speed.

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