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Funny / Dr. Tran

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  • Toy Cack full stop.
    Grandma Norma: I just keep hitting little boys! What are the odds?
  • Tran's nonsensical rants towards the Narrator near the end of Here Comes Dr. Tran, including "Are there no windows in your house" and "you come from sad whale family, deep in ocean, you are evil!" and "you only eat, ah, sand!" and "Your family is a dog!".
  • The live-action crowd reactions to Dr. Tran.
  • The "Nail To The Gut" fan-letter video is chock full of hilarious moments.
    Narrator: (Reading a fan letter) Where did you get all that butter your super deluxe bacon hat?
    Tran: (Is now wearing a top hat made entirely out of bacon) I DON'T KNOW!!!!

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