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  • The food descriptions in CSD2 are in general humorous, but the description for coffee is one of the funnier ones, claiming that the entire Renaissance was ushered in by a single man on a cup of particularly potent coffee:
    Primary sources indicate Sharaf then completed the final hour of his show in less than 20 minutes, and with the remaining 40 minutes, ran to Italy, created art, lectured in science, and wrote philosophy. While there, Sharaf posed for a portrait for Leonardo da Vinci, however Sharaf's inability to stop doing jumping jacks lead da Vinci to paint him in two different positions, in what is now known as the Vitruvian Man. Sharaf then spread his ideas to the rest of Europe, thanks to his hyperactive urge to run really fast.
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  • The escalating prank war between Sitcom Arch Nemeses Leo and Dennis, mostly due to the sheer lengths they go to in order to get back at one another. Well, at least until it turns fatal when Dennis ends up killing Leo via the latter's deadly allergy to kale, possibly intentionally.
  • Some of the emails you get can contain fun little haiku. Of particular note is this one, brimming with Black Comedy:
    Where there's smoke there's fire
    Like here in my living room

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