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  • Development Gag: One email compliments the soup but expresses confusion that, while it used to have lettuce, it has cabbage now instead. Early in the game's life, the cabbage found in soup recipes was originally lettuce (hence why the default key for it is "L").note 
  • The Wiki Rule: Two of them, actually: here and here.
  • What Could Have Been: A lot of things shown in early trailers and screenshots for CSD2 ended up on the cutting room floor:
    • One chore would have involved exterminating cockroaches if you let the trash lay out for too long. This was cut because it was a bit too detailed and jarring for a game about Food Porn, and was replaced by a simple "set the trap" chore in the final release.
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    • Menus originally allowed for distinctions between breakfast and lunch/dinner hours, allowing you to customize what you served during what hours. This was scrapped in favor of a simpler menu more in line with the first game.
    • Chef for Hire mode originally used a more grid-like format for stage progression. The tower would have been divided into floors, which each floor holding a number of shifts for different restaurants, and completing a shift would open up adjacent shifts on the grid. Special and/or more difficult shifts would have occupied side paths, and completing enough shifts would open up the next floor. In the final game, shifts are simply grouped together by restaurant, and new shifts are unlocked each time you level up.
    • In addition to Side Dishes and Drinks, there was originally a separate category for Desserts; customers would have sometimes ordered these after their main order, and serving both the main dish and the dessert perfectly would result in a Delicious rating. This was removed in the final release, and desserts are now grouped up with standard entrees.
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    • There was also a Secret Ingredients category, in which the selected ingredients would have affected various menu items in different ways. This ended up being scrapped entirely.
    • The Food Catalog originally looked more like a webpage, with some foods being discounted on random days. The final catalog looks more like what it did in the original game.
    • The announcement trailer for CSD3 implied you could fight back against rival food trucks. This was cut since it was too disruptive of the flow of the game, so now the only way to defend yourself is via passive upgrades.

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