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Funny / Card Captor Harry

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  • Harry at Hong Kong's Disneyland. Apparently, they spent three days there, much to the exasperation of Winter, Aoi, and Kero.
  • Harry and Fei around Winter.
  • Hermione's perversion
  • The Create Card. That's it. The Create Card.
  • Harry's messed up preception of women. It certainly doesn't help that almost every female card wanted to kiss him.
  • Ron and Hermione teasing Harry about his crush. They gladly helped him in his date even though details end up useless.
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  • Winter. Just Winter.
  • Just how everyone else thought of Harry and Lee. When those two are being nice (which many didn't know that they are doing for Winter's sake), students called for an apocalypse. Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize Lee comforted Harry when he lost his Nimbus 2000. That would send the whole school reeling.
    • It makes it more hilarious that they (the school) didn't know the two have the same answers at time.

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