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Funny / Bad Movie Beatdown 2017 Episodes

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    Leap Year 
  • Film Brain's (understandably) bewildered reaction when Anna's boyfriend, a heart surgeon, tells a colleague to cut through a patient's spine.
    Film Brain: The spine? I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure there's no procedure in cardiac surgery that requires going through the spinal column! And if you do, the patient's the wrong way up.
  • During a scene showing Anna's clumsy attempts to shoo away a herd of cows blocking the road, Film Brain is about to comment that at least the filmmakers didn't go for the most obvious and lazy joke and have Anna step into cow dung. Cue Anna doing exactly that. The look of exasperation on Film Brain's face is priceless.
  • This line, after Anna's luggage is stolen by a random group of strangers for no apparent reason (other than humiliating her even further for the sake of a cheap joke):
    Film Brain: Yes, Ireland is well-known for its random travelling bands that just go around the countryside stealing tourists' luggage for no reason. You really ought to keep your wits about you.
  • After spending the entirety of the episode getting increasingly worked up over the films massive geographical inaccuracies and outrageously stereotypical depiction of the Irish people, Film Brain concludes the review by advising his viewers to watch The Quiet Man instead – or, alternatively, the Leprechaun series, since even those films are far more accurate to real Irish culture than Leap Year.

    The Nutcracker in 3 D - The Untold Story 
  • The Bait-and-Switch introduction to the review:
    Film Brain: It is a familiar holiday tale of a prince cursed in the form of nutcracker, and a spell that can only be broken by the love of a young girl. But screw that — it doesn't have enough Nazis in it!
  • Film Brain's utter bafflement about the appearance of Albert Einstein as a supporting character in the film. It's so bizarre and out of place that he compares it to "a cameo appearance by the Dalai Lama in an Easter movie."
  • At one point, Film Brain describes the Rat King as as "the bastard child of Adolf Hitler and Andy Warhol."
  • Film Brain's reaction to a Jump Scare when the Rat King (portrayed as a human shapeshifter) turns and roars at one of the protagonists, his mouth opened wide and showing rat-like teeth.
    Film Brain: JESUS CHRIST! ... was born on this day!
    • Immediately followed with the character in the movie asking the Rat King if he can do that again.
    Film Brain: NO, shut up, kid! Never make him do that again!
  • After one of the rat soldiers is kicked in the groin, Film Brain provides the obligatory punchline:

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