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Funny / Avatar: The Last Airbender Smoke and Shadow

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  • Iroh is happy to be Zuko's body double and practices on making his hand wave "angsty".
    Zuko: No offense, uncle, but you and I don't really look alike.
    Iroh: Oh, the crowds won't see my face, just my hand.
    Iroh (switching to a frown, eyes closed): What do you think? Is my hand-waving filled with enough angst? I've been practicing all morning.
    • And during the actual performance:
    Guard: Why so sullen, General Iroh?
    Iroh: (with a somber-yet-dignified expression): I find that method acting works best for me. How can I wave the angst if I don't feel the angst?
  • The amount of faces Ty Lee makes when she sees Mai's fake personality when dealing with Kei Lo.
  • Mai's dad tells his thugs to attack without mercy... then adds that Mai isn't on the target list... and then that Kei Lo is...eventually all the attackers get confused as to who is the one being attacked!
  • Upon meeting Mai again, Aang excitedly asks if she and Zuko are back together, just as Zuko introduces Kei Lo...Mai's new boyfriend.
    Aang: What I said earlier. By "back together". I meant, um...
    Mai: Please keep talking. Because things aren't awkward enough yet.
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  • At one point Aang forces Zuko to ride atop an air ball, Zuko does not enjoy the experience.
  • Kei Lo finally meets Princess Azula, who greets him with a shot of lightning. Later on, Kei Lo confides in Mai that this was an unexpected turn in their relationship.
    Kei Lo: ...But I have to tell you, before we started dating, I never used to get injured this often!
    Mai: You know what they say. Love hurts.
  • Ty Lee and Mai find Azula's hiding spot by pointing out that Azula would hide away in the secret chambers as a kid, frustrating the other two whenever they played. Azula being petty enough to cheat to such a degree in a game of hide-and-seek is funny enough; but in addition, Ty Lee says that "Zuko really should have explored more when they were kids" something Azula said in The Search.
  • Continuing from The Search: Azula the perpetual relationship cynic:
    Azula: Zuzu? Trying to win back your ex-girlfriend by defending her new boyfriend? That's just sad.
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  • Ursa's and Zuko's looks of horrified disbelief when Kiyi starts calling Zuko "Zuzu," just like Azula.
  • Ties in with a heartwarming moment; but Zuko's idea of a date is at the burial grounds of his ancestors. Mai was less than impressed; but Zuko thought it was spot on.

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