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Funny / Avatar: The Last Airbender North and South

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  • During the exchange for the Earth King, Aang, Katara, Toph and Zuko all have their chi blocked to prevent them from bending. Much to his confusion, Sokka is also attacked. When he asks why the chi blockers explain that even though he's not a bender, he's still a threat. Sokka is actually flattered.
  • Sokka misunderstands the bond between Maliq and Malina in that they're siblings. Sokka then apologizes saying that he thought they were married just because she was the closest person to him; earning the confusion of Maliq and the ire of Katara who happened to be standing right next to them.
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  • This exchange when Sokka reads in Gilak's letter that he'll cut the bridge with Hakoda and Kuei both on it if there's any "funny business:"
    Zuko: You know he's going to cut the bridge no matter what, right? Even if we give in to all his demands. No way Gilak's going to pass up the opportunity to get ride of two of his enemies at once.
    Aang: Zuko, that's so... cheat-y!
    Katara: Not just cheat-y. Evil.
    Zuko: [hands turned up defensively] I used to be a bad guy. I know how bad guys think.
  • Toph sneaks a blind joke into the beginning of part 2, taking advantage of the fact that being at the South Pole means she has to wear shoes and thus has harder time using her feet to see with her Earthbending.
    Toph: I can barely make out what's around me!
    [Throws her hands in the air, smacking Sokka in the face.]
    SFX: WAP!
    Sokka: Ow!
    Toph: Oops! You see what I mean?
    Sokka: Hey! You did that on purpose!
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  • Dante Basco (Zuko), Jack De Sena (Sokka), and Dee Bradley Baker (Appa/Momo/Tarrlok) participated in a live read of the comic at a convention. Basco, De Sena, and the actor playing Earth King Kuei miss their cues at different points and have to be prompted.
    "You have a 'whoa' there."
    "You gotta hey. Hey."
  • Near the end of book 3, during the celebratory dinner, Zuko ends up sitting next to Bosco.

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