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Spoilers Off for all Moments subpages. You Have Been Warned.

  • While getting to the top of Welkin Way for the first time to check out Satan's house, Milo and Lola come up to a series of demons acting as elevators carrying them up to the next level, each getting more and more agitated than the last, eventually giving up on the pleasantries altogether and outright insulting the two.
    Elevator Demon 3: Fourth floor. Get the fuck out.
    • The last elevator demon is just as nice and friendly as the one at the bottom. The reason? The top and bottom floors are the only ones with bathrooms.
  • Once when Wornhorm's using her impersonation powers (which consist of wearing a paper mask) and faking up a simulation of a party in order to annoy Milo and Lola, a Bickr notification pops up from an account that has Wormhorn's face as an avatar.
    @notwormhorn: Who IS this Wormhorn everyoen keeps yelling about at this cool and real party? ? They sound handsome and good at torturing people!!1!1!!! !
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  • At the Schoolyard Strangler, one way to get upstairs is to distract the bouncer by provoking a nearby human and demon into an argument. After warning them twice, the bouncer storms over and grabs the two by the scruff.
    Bouncer: Hey. Hey. Guess what? You guys won! Want to know what you win?
    Demon: No.
    Bouncer: You win ten years in the Throat-Slitter! And it's never been cleaned!
    Human: Wait no that's disgusting-
    (all three disappear)
  • Many of the Bicker posts are a riot:
    "I used to pay with checks at drive-thrus. What's your #ReasonImHere"
    "My alarm is the sound of spiders having sex. But I guess thats to be expected when your roommates are spiders that constantly have sex"
    "Someone honked at me for having my front bumper past the stop sign so now I'm here but at least he's here too."
    "Does anyone know who Satan's tile guy is??? Ate mine, need a new one. #SatansHouse"
    "I thought hell would have more spike pits... I guess disappointment is my torture."
    "Something has got to be done about the decor at #Feistys. It makes me want to barf. Go further! Make me actually barf! #lazy"
    "once I figure out how to free my arms and legs from these chains and stop this goddam pigeon from eating my liver it's over for you hoes"

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