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Party like hell? No pressure.

Afterparty is a 2019 supernatural indie game by Night School Studio.

You control Milo and Lola. They've been the best of friends for their whole lives.

...And now they're dead. Like, dead dead.

While that's already pretty bad, it gets worse. Namely, they're looking at spending an eternity in Hell.

But wait! There's a glimmer of hope in all this! If they can outdrink Satan (you know, the big guy of Hell), he will let them return to Earth. No pressure, right?





  • Noodle Incident: E3 footage shows Milo walking up to a pair of unnamed "movie guys" and bringing up that they had apparently taken the same Advanced Frisbee class. Movie Guy 1 then remembers him as "the guy who had his wisdom teeth removed and threw up all over the admissions director." Lola swiftly cuts off the conversation with "have a great summer!".
  • Precision F-Strike: In the opening shown at E3, Lola concludes her pep talk to Milo with one.
    Lola: What's gonna be etched on your metallic space crypt will be what you did in the real world. And the real world starts right @#%&ing now!
    (Lightning strikes, demons emerge, and they revealed to have been already dead and in hell all along).
  • Proscenium Reveal: In the E3 footage, right after Milo gets embarrassed by meeting up with the "movie guys" above, he is taken aside and given a pep talk by Lola. As soon, as she finishes, lighting strikes, everything goes dark and a couple of demons emerge. After they cheerfully tell them they are both dead and in hell, all of the "party" house walls are revealed to be mere cardboard props and fall aside.


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