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Fridge / Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

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  • The individual ladders. With the exception of five ladders (Anubis, Brock, Gorge, Malcolm and, of course, Raiden) each of them happens at the same time than the Ascension Rites, evidenced by every match in the Rites happening at the same time and place in the respective character's ladder (the second match against Raptor -and the CTF match with him as a teammate-, the Instagib match against Sapphire -and Hyena-, the Nali Slaughter match against Szalor, Test of Stamina against Torgr, etc.) right until the last match (vs. Selket). What about those matches which don't appear in other ladders or the Rites? They may be a) different opponents named the same, b) the same match happening at a different hour (gets weird with some characters which have up to three matches the same day such as Apophis) or c) lost matches which aren't counted for storytelling reasons. As for Anubis and Brock, these happen after the Rites. Anubis's starts with him as the newest emperor and accepting Malcolm's offer to join and fight in Thunder Crash (Sapphire is his teammate as well; Sapphire's ladder ends with her being offered to join Thunder Crash, by the time of this ladder it's clear that she accepted) and the final bout being a 1on1on1 between Anubis, Brock and Gorge (who doesn't have this as his last match, instead is a 1on1 against his archrival Malcolm).

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