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Quotes / Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

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    Ascension Rites 
"From the wind swept barrens, from their breathtaking ocean cities, they come. Brave warriors gathering forth in Noble Tradition, battling for Ascension. The greatest among them will be crowned Emperor. Today, with the sponsorship of the Liandri corporation. this tournament enters the twenty fourth century. Welcome to a perfect combination of Ancient Tradition, and high-tech bloodsport. Welcome to the Ascension Rites."
Ascension Rites intro

Sobek: Another crap patrol for the best of the Imperial Legion.
Anubis: I have friends in higher places.
Sobek: Yeah, the kind of friends who put scorpions in your boots.

"This is a historic day for my people. The Liandri will bring the attention of the entire galaxy to my world (...) It's an honor and a privilege to compete for Ascension. I only hope I can maintain our ancestor a standard of excellence."

Anubis: I leave for the capitol in the morning. Keep the men out of trouble.
Sobek: Forget it. All that political bullshit you left behind? It's a hundred times worse now with Liandri on the picture.
Anubis: No. She wanted me in the Tournament so badly. Now she gets her wish.

Selket: I thought we had a deal!
Liandri Officer: Ah, whatever do you mean, dear Selket?
Selket: Anubis! He's in the Tourney.
Liandri Officer: By tradition, your Ascension Rites are open to everyone.
Selket: I told you before. I want him out.
Liandri Officer: Hmmm... His file says he comes from a strong line of champions. But he hasn't had much success.
Selket: He's a coward. Ten years ago, he dropped out of the tourney and ran like a dog.
Liandri Officer: Joined the Legion, I see. Left his young bride behind as well. But you knew that, didn't you?
Selket: Just take care of it.

    Map descriptions 

Capture The Flag

"The canyons and twisted ravines below these ancient aqueducts make for an excellent battleground."

"In spite of its size and open air storage areas, this maze-like industrial complex is a claustrophobe's nightmare."
Chemical Dawn

"A water processing facility nestled in the rolling Dakhla foothills."

"The sacred Tomb of the Emperors in the capitol city is now used for less tranquil purposes."

"This Liandri waste plant is a popular arena, perhaps for its lethal disintegration unit."
Gauntlet II

"Deep within in the ruins of the five cities of Wakheb, criminals once faced the judgment of the ruling Pharoah."

"In Nakhti beliefs, the soul climbs into the heavens after the body dies. Here, it is accompanied by noxious gases."

"All Liandri fossil fuel extractors dotting the planet's surface send their products here for processing."

"The multi-level layout of this industrial complex lends itself perfectly to three-prong flag runs."

"Now a Capture the Flag arena, this temple facility once served as the entrance to the Emperor's private gardens."
Sky Reach

"These three complexes are separated by miles of solid granite, but Liandri teleporters combine them into one arena."
Total Control

"Liandri's illegal nanotech research center has been quietly converted into a brutal team arena."

"Dreaded by Juggernauts and reviled by Skaarj, this arena requires perfect agility and concentration to run the flag."

"The traditional opposing temples of the two viper gods provide a perfect battleground for capture the flag matches."
Viper Pit


"Liandri biowaste reprocessing plant. Transforms society's filth into lucrative energy."
Acid Rain

"Located atop the frozen Qattara Mountains, this Imperial Legion watchtower was recently modified for Ascension."

"This arena's solid design was crucial in Nakhti's successful bid to host a Liandri qualifying tournament."

"This energy facility was graciously abandoned by Axon Research Corporation when Liandri forces arrived."
Axon Compressor

"These ruins are surrounded by the mist-filled canyons of the Qattara foothills. A beautiful view, but watch your step."

"Liandri power plant located deep inside the frozen Nakhti wastes. Abandoned due to unstable reactor."
Cold Fusion

"One of few arenas built solely for competition. Named for the unfortunate competitors who learned it has no escape."

"The oldest known ruins on the planet lie half-buried in the Dakhla mountain range."

"This facility was built over a deep fissure within Kalanda canyon for convenient disposal of industrial by-products."
Deep Core''

"Sacred burial caverns where warriors bravely face the spirits of their forefathers."

"And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that."
Evil Hands

"Liandri's Tarydium bio-waste storage facility. Containers and scaffolds provide rich opportunity for ambush."

"Lower decks of a defunct Type IV Nakhti Pyramid Cruiser, which now sits on the docks near the capitol."

"Top decks of a Nakhti Pyramid Cruiser, and site of this year's finals. One misstep means a three kilometer fall."

"Hidden within the grand library, this tranquil courtyard has been adapted for tournament training and competition."

"Axon's painstaking remake of the Morbias arena required changes after its review by Liandri's legal department."
Morbias 3

"This overgrown shrine was dedicated to a mysterious warrior god, whose name has been lost to the ages."

"The Phoenix Order no longer watches over the five cities of Wakheb, but this tower still testifies to their legendary vigil."

"Once a renowned xenohealth research center, this deepwater facility is now just another arena."

"Monumental temple and entrance to the Eternal Burial Caverns built in the Dakhla foothills."

"This defunct Pyramid Cruiser was rededicated as a place of study and reflection. Now, it holds only death."

"The builders of this ruin have long been lost to history, but the sun god they worshipped still glows overhead."
Solar Flare

"Every Nakhti soldier visits this temple dedicated to the greatest Nakhti warriors of legend."

"Commissioned by Emperor Hasan for Ascension, this arena's spartan decor reveals Liandri design influence."
Tempest 2

"This massive underwater storage facility provides a perfect arena for large-scale tournament combat."

"Once a bustling trade center, this ancient Nakhti village is now a quiet, windswept ruin."


"This arena's solid design was crucial in Nakhti's successful bid to host a Liandri qualifying tournament."

"These ruins are surrounded by the mist-filled canyons of the Qattara foothills. A beautiful view, but watch your step."

"Located in the bowels of an active Liandri mining operation, combatants should prepare for environmental hazards."

"Located in the bowels of an active Liandri mining operation, combatants should prepare for environmental hazards."

"These falls provide the water pressure for the capitol's ancient aqueduct system."

"This is the only arena within the walls of the Imperial palace. The obelisk was a gift from long-forgotten benefactors."

"Tarydium processing requires constant water intake. Note, the Fanangi Canals are no longer safe for recreation."

"These floating gardens are located high above the capitol city, and have a view worth killing for."

"Every Nakhti soldier visits this temple dedicated to the greatest Nakhti warriors of legend."

"The view of the five cities is always breathtaking, but the true reward awaits those who would climb to the top."

    Weapon descriptions 
"This staff causes its target to drop in temperature with each hit, and can eventually freeze an opponent solid."
Cryo Staff (Malcolm)

"These graceful blades are coated in a cryonic solution that maintains a surface temperature of five degrees above absolute zero. Repeated hits on an opponent will release this solution into the bloodstream, eventually freezing them solid."
Cryo Swords (Sapphire)

"The Juggernauts don't need a melee weapon. Bare-handed combat suits them perfectly."
Juggernaut Fists (Gorge)

"This massive sword is proudly carried by members of the Imperial Legion. Its handle hides vibroshock motors which can incapacitate an opponent."
Legion Sword (Sobek)

"The hand attachments on heavy mining bots are made for crushing rocks. Skulls do not present a problem."
Liandri Hammers (Raptor)

"What Devastation lacks in raw power she makes up in improved technology. These kama blades can slice through steel armor just as easily as flesh."
Molten Kama (Devastation)

"This massive axe gives the wielder an extended melee attack range, not to mention the ability to bat projectiles out of the air."
Nakhti Axe (Apophis)

"The staff has long been the traditional weapon for the Ascension Rites, but recent models conceal the latest advances in vibroshock technology."
Nakhti Staff (Anubis)

"Dual swords are the latest trend in the Ascension Rites. Current models conceal the latest advances in vibroshock technology."
Nakhti Swords (Selket)

"This black staff is coated with Necris nanoblack. Being beaten with it is not good for your health."
Necris Staff/Dark Staff (Brock)

"These black swords are coated with Necris nanoblack, which causes festering wounds that refuse to heal."
Necris Swords (Lauren)

"Arm-mounted forked blades, the traditional weapon of the Skaarj. Serrated and energized for extra cutting power."
Skaarj Blades (Szalor/Torgr)

"One of the most basic weapons of the martial arts, but also one of the most deadly — and this version is made deadlier by an infusion of Raiden's energy."
Thunder Staff (Raiden)

"Modified construction tool that rapid fires red-hot rivets. Can also fire a spike to stake opponents to the wall."
Liandri Rivet Guns

"Semi-automatic pistols which can fire an icy projectile to freeze opponents solid."
Dual Enforcers (Human variation)

"Semi-automatic pistols, which the Necris can manipulate to fire Nanoblack projectiles to stun their opponents."
Dual Enforcers (Necris variation)

"Standard enforcer pistols, which the Juggernauts can fire in uncontrolled fully automatic bursts."
Dual Enforcers (Juggernaut variation)

"The dreaded Skaarj blades are dangerous at range, too. Razik can fire poisonous projectiles which can slow opponents."
Skaarj Razik

"Though increasingly rare, the centuries-old Axon Research long-range target interdiction rifle is the weapon of choice for the discerning sniper. Its floating barrel and gas venting system minimize the massive recoil from its high-caliber projectile. The Tarydium bullet is uninspiringly conventional, but has proven its effectiveness in countless conflicts. Tournament management briefly switched to more efficient energy-based rifles in the late 24th century, but the angry response from both Tournament players and fans caused them to quickly overturn that decision."
Sniper Rifle

"The natural evolution of the ASMD shock rifle adds new damage-causing potential to an old favorite. The primary fire is a rapid firing laser that does medium damage. The alt-fire shoots an unstable shock core, which is an effective attack in and of itself, but is best known as the main ingredient for a shock combo.
To detonate a shock core, simply shoot it with the primary fire. Shock cores can be frozen in mid-air by holding alt-fire after launching the core and then pulling fire. Complex traps can be set up in this fashion. A frozen shock core can also be reinforced with additional shock cores to cause extreme damage with a shock combo."
Shock Rifle

"The bio rifle is the standard canister gun loaded with Tarydium ammunition. The Tarydium is processed from its stable crystalline form into a reactive biotoxic sludge. The primary fire shoots a semi-sapient blob that will pursue enemies at a limited distance. The alt-fire combines multiple canisters for a more deadly blob that can pursue opponents more vigorously.
After loading a full alt-fire charge, pulling fire and then releasing will detonate the blob in mid-air to generate a biotoxic cloud."
Bio Rifle

"The stinger is a Liandri mining tool that fires shards of Tarydium crystal. The primary fire shoots these shards at an alarming rate. Continuous fire causes the stinger to overheat, leading to a catalytic process that makes the Tarydium shards even more deadly.
The alt-fire shoots larger, semi-sapient shards that will veer towards a locked-on opponent."

"The rocket launcher fires single or grouped rocket-propelled explosives. Pull fire for a single rocket, or pull and hold alt-fire to launch up to three rockets.
To launch drunken rockets, fire three rockets and continue to hold alt-fire. Then, to split the rockets into six drunken rockets, pull fire while still holding alt-fire."
Rocket Launcher

"The Flak Cannon was first employed against humans during the suppression of the Green's World Rebellion. Alt-fire lobs a deadly explosive shell. Primary fire detonates the shell in the barrel to fire a spread of hot metal fragments."
Flak Cannon

"The grenade launcher is the standard canister gun loaded with explosive ammunition. The primary fire is a grenade which bounces off hard surfaces, and explodes either by proximity detection or when its timer runs out. The alt-fire shoots a mine that sticks to the first surface it hits. These mines detonate whenever they are within range of another explosion.
The mines can also be detonated by holding down alt-fire after shooting the grenade, then pulling fire. It's possible to build traps by laying a group of mines, then firing one last mine and waiting for an enemy to walk through the area before detonating. Mines can also be detonated in the air, though this does less damage because they are not yet fully armed."
Grenade Launcher

"The ripjack is the descendant of the ripper and razorjack weapons from previous tournaments. The primary fire is a ricocheting saw blade that can remove an opponent's head on a direct hit to the neck.
The alt-fire spins the blade to increase its kinetic energy so that it will explode on contact. By holding the alt-fire for longer, the blade will continue to charge for a much deadlier explosion. While charging, the blade can also be fired as a proximity mine by pulling fire."


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