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Fridge / TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why would most humanoids in Goddess' world be attractive, so much it becomes norm? The only reason for Hollywood Homely is she uses her future-reading power and her influence(s) to "weed out" the humanoid children who wouldn't pass her beauty standard in their adult forms.
    • Or she made a decree to kill everyone ugly, and her followers were doing it until they purged their gene-pool.
    • Or, just like natural selection, those that were beautiful survived better than the others thanks to her blessing and they became more and more common with each generation.
  • Related to the sub-point above, she definitely has the power to read the future in her world or at least know how most hyumans look in their adult form to enact her pre-natal eugenic program.
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  • How could Makoto's parents survive their early years in Japan despite not knowing Japanese? One of the gods taught them (read: grant them the ability to understand and speak Japanese). Maybe it's the Goddess, maybe it's Tsukuyomi.
  • Why is Makoto only a Level 1, while Mio is level 1500, and Tomoe is level 1340, yet he beats them both, and easily curb stomps a level 96 adventurer with almost no effort? Simple, the paper roll that determines their level, reveals ONLY their level, not what they actually are. Mio is a level 1500 Spider monster, Tomoe is a level 1340 Dragon monster, a LEVEL 1 GOD.
  • When Makoto first meets Tsukiyomi and learns about the deal his parents made with the Goddess, he’s completely unaware of it, let alone the fact that his parents are from another world in the first place. You would think that the topic would be something that would be covered by them, if only as a “head’s up”. But, then it hit me: Makoto is only the SECOND child of his family, and has an older sister, Yukiko. It’s entirely possible that Makoto’s parents believed that she would be the one summoned, since she’s the eldest child, and prepared her for that while keeping Makoto and his other sister, Mari, in the dark.

Fridge Horror

  • Tsukuyomi says he needs three hundred years to regain his energy after giving power to Makoto. What will happen to him if 1)he has to resume his original job and/or 2)some hapless dimension traveler who have to deal with other Jerkass God-s needs help?
    • The other Gods now have to do their jobs. Turns out Tsukiyomi was assisting almost every other Deity and with him gone they are now struggling to keep up.
  • Some fans gripe about why Makoto won't shack up with any of the willing females in the story that are so interested in him. Do they take into account the full details of his circumstances? He is a 17 year-old kid forcibly taken to another world, insulted by a Jerkass God, and then promptly dumped out in the Wasteland to die, because of his looks of all things. A world where all other Hyumans, radically discriminate against all other races because of said Goddess's influence and standards no less. Not counting a personal confidence issue, which he was also reminded of by the Prostitute/Adventurer that killed Mini-Tomoe. Adventurers like Toa, who remind him of a friend back on Earth, are all terrified of his Mana power output, or others who just want him soley for his power, wealth, and influence or to manipulate him. As for Mio, and Tomoe? Beastiality issues aside. One is a Kaiju-sized, super-regenerative, possibly prehistoric, Black Widow Spider, and the other is a Kaiju-sized, possibly prehistoric super-powerful Lung Dragon. What kind of offspring would they produce? Lizardman hybrids? Spider-Man kids? Or perhaps Man-Spider Hybrid kids? (Google that image and imagine that with Super Saiyan Blue class Mana and Strength, oh and don't forget to Google exactly how spiders actually reproduce too). Celibate Hero indeed.
    • He finally sleeps with Tomoe and Mio in chapter 305.

Fridge Logic

  • Makoto is short sighted on Earth but he doesn't have a problem seeing objects at far distances in the new world. Did the god(s) cure his eyes?
    • It seems he never actually needed them, more like his parents just made him wear them is all.
    • It’s also likely that the environment of the new world caused his sight to be amplified in the same way his strength, magical ability, and more has been. Or it could be him using Sakai/Realm subconsciously out of either survival instincts or personal desire to not need them.


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