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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why do we see Liam and Maddy's rescue in the original Time Riders, but not Sal's until Day of the Predator? The original Sal is lost to the Gollum creatures in the first book, and this Saleena (the one who sees the bear) is the new model Foster requested Waldstein send back to complete the team.

Fridge Horror

  • In the sixth book, after Maddy runs into what she believes was her house in 2001, to find it isn't, one of the meatbots comes along, pretending to be an FBI agent, talking to the real owner of the house. When the owner mentions she will be telling people about Maddy's visit, the meatbot shoots her. Sad enough, but remember that she is a mother of at least three children (the girl was with her when Maddy arrived and it is mentioned she has a 'youngest' son, implying three children), two of whom are likely under ten years old. The meatbot has just killed a mother of small children. Who may even be the ones to stumble across her body when they come home, or might even have been in the house.
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  • The scenes in the fourth and seventh books where Rashim is middle-aged become quite difficult to read when he dies in the last book without even reaching thirty.

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