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Fridge / The King and I

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Right before Anna sings "Young Lovers" early in the musical, Lady Tiang tells her that she believes that Tuptim loves a man other than the king. This bothered me because Tuptim had only been brought in that scene, and Lady Tiang entered the stage an entire song after her, and they had never said a word to each other. Lady Tiang hadn't even seen or heard of Lun Tha, Tuptim's love interest. Then one day it hits me: before Lady Tiang comes on, Tuptim has a whole solo song about how the king will never know she loves another man ("My Lord And Master"). Lady Tiang must have been standing right offstage while Tuptim was singing, listening in! (Although this doesn't explain why neither the king nor the Kralahome knew, because they were right offstage, too.)


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